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    Holmén, Martin

    Harry Kvist is wrongly accused of murder. The only witness who could get him acquitted, the prostitute Sonja, suddenly disappears and is then found murdered. Harry tries desperately to clear his name of both murders.Show Book

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    11 Days In Berlin

    Nesser, Håkan

    Arne Murberg has just lost his father to cancer. Before he passed, he revealed that Arne’s presumed dead mother actually took off with a troubadour when Arne was just a toddler and lives in Berlin. “Go and find her, my s ... Show Book

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    Back in the Saddle

    Kågström, Anna

    So you are back at the stables. You are excited to be surroundedby the familiar smells and strong muscles but you have butterflies in your stomach. Can you really get back in the saddle again after so long? What if yo ... Show Book

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    Lisa’s Country Kitchen

    Lemke, Lisa

    Lisa's kitchen in a former vicarage is her base for creatingsimple yet delicious dishes inspired by the village where she lives and her travels around the world. It is a place where local produce meets flavours of cou ... Show Book

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    Cooking for family and friends

    Eisenman Frisk, Lisa
    Eisenman, Monica

    The Eisenman sisters love having their family and friendsover, and when they do they all sit round the dining table
    free food that the sisters have prepared with a huge portion of love and warmth. This is their si ... Show Book

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