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    Your Brother My Sister

    Thor, Annika

    Annika Thor writes with sensitivity about vulnerability and fellowship, identity and friendship.

    Johan has lived at the orphanage for as long as he can remember. Now he’s eleven years old and has had enough of all ... Show Book

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    Julia Plays Hide and Seek

    Eriksson, Eva
    Moroni, Lisa

    Where are the socks? Julia can fetch the socks herself. She knows
    where they are. She returns not wearing socks but daddy’s shoes. Julia
    is off again to fetch the socks. But when she returns it isn’t with the
    so ... Show Book

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    Julia Gets Dressed

    Eriksson, Eva
    Moroni, Lisa

    Mother, daughter and grandchild—three generations
    meet in charming
    books for little ones about Julia. Little Julia, Lisa’s daughter and
    Eva’s granddaughter has inspired theSE heart-warming books for
    young chi ... Show Book

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    Fun with English and Class 1B

    Bross, Helena

    Practise English with the friends in Class 1B! An activity book with
    fun exercises put together by Helena Bross at just the right level for
    all curious beginner readers. You can colour in, solve, write and discover ... Show Book

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    The Number Adventure

    Knutsson, Gösta
    Nyman, Camilla

    The two activity books about Pelle No-Tail's school are perfect school

    starter books! Launched at the same time as the picture book Pelle
    No-Tail starts School.

    Do you want to learn more about ... Show Book

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    Pelle No-Tail Starts School

    Knutsson, Gösta
    Rönn, Åsa
    Rönn, Michael

    When Måns starts up a cat school all cats quickly become interested,
    even though the school fees are three whole herrings and the classroom
    is a dingy cellar. Måns’cousin Konrad is to be the teacher as he is strict ... Show Book

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