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    A house called home

    Olsson, Lotta

    A beautiful and poetic picture book about parents´ dreams and longings and children´s need for security.

    Mummy and daddy think there are far too many big cars on the street outside. They dream instead ... Show Book

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    The Crystal City

    Claesson, Maths

    The adventure begins! Linux is at last on his way to fulfilling his dream of one day becoming a space pilot. But the competition at the school in Crystal City is harder than ever.
    Linux is at last starting out! An en ... Show Book

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    Red Trails

    Genar, Katarina

    The sun shines in a clear blue sky but chilly shivers run up and down the spine when Samuel experiences a series of unnatural
    events in the isolated house far from the outside world where mobile phones have no covera ... Show Book

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    The Monster at Eagle Cliff

    Hellberg, Amanda

    The second title in a new exciting series about a kooky, spooky family!

    Aooooo! In the middle of the autumn night there is a mysterious sound outside the tent. Help! It sounds like a howling beast - is it a monst ... Show Book

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    Madam Black

    Genar, Katarina

    Come out! Come out Madam Black!
    Join us at the school where doors creak, there are spider webs hanging in the windows and hissing breathing is heard in the

    Easy to read, rather scary and with j ... Show Book

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