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    The Treasure of Seven Brothers

    Widmark, Martin

    The Seven Brother’s Treasure is part of the series Halvdan Viking.

    Crook and his six bloodthirsty brothers are notorious for their plundering raids where they have no hesitation about killing people o ... Show Book

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    Den Gömda Koden

    Wendt, Johan
    Moström, Tor

    A graphic novel introducing the reader to computational thinking and programming.

    Curly Bracket is an illustrated adventure story that takes place in a futuristic world. It is also a book full of facts. Principle ... Show Book

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    Pelle No-Tail Celebrates Christmas

    Knutsson, Gösta
    Rönn, Åsa
    Rönn, Michael

    Candles are lit, presents are wrapped and Christmas biscuits are baked in every home. Christmas will soon be here. Pelle and his friends are busy with preparations. It is the first Christmas for Frallan the kitten and Pe ... Show Book

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    The Ghost Dog

    Genar, Katarina

    When Greta sees that there is a bite-mark on the writing paper and hears a growling and a scratching sound, she realises that it can only mean one thing: the ghost dog has awoken! A third adventure is launched.
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    The Department Store

    Dahlin, Petrus

    Sally has found the dress of her dreams! Each day on the way to school she sees it in the store window. One day Sally decides to go in and try on the dress. She is admiring herself in the mirror and forgets all about the ... Show Book

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    Help! A Haunted House!

    Salmson, Jo

    This story offers everyday drama in a primary school which is easy to relate to. Today the class is going on an excursion to a haunted house and not everyone is as brave as you think.

    A long time ago Hubert the H ... Show Book

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